Mail Order Zombie Podcast Review – 5/5 head shots

“It’s a very cerebral zombie movie and done so well… 5 headshots out of 5, you guys have really got to see this movie. It’s one of the more important zombie movies to come out in recent years.”

Mail Order Zombie - Episode 179Our first podcast review is in from Mail Order Zombie!  Our review starts at 1:09:53 in the podcast.  If you’re really excited to find out more about the movie, this is a great chance to hear some of the amazing score that was provided by Chanda Y. Dancy and some clips from our wonderful cast.  It’s a bit spoiler heavy, but there is one spoiler you may already be aware of:

“There are a lot of ‘Oh Wow!’ moments and they really involve the two lead characters… they’re freaking adorable!…  Carly Oates is top-notch in this movie, easily one of my favorite actresses in recent zombie films.”

Char Hardin: “9/10 – Horror Zombie Fans will eat PRETTY DEAD up! Carly Oates is PHENOMENAL!”

Big thank you to Char Hardin for her kind words:

“The movie is well made, the story is substantial and carries from beginning to middle to end and Carly Oats who portrays Regina gives a solid performance… and makes you see and feel what she has endured throughout the story… My PRETTY DEAD prediction is it will be on 2012 Favorite Film Lists with reviewers who see it first and Horror Fans will eat [it] up when it goes to DVD.”

See the complete review below: