Mail Order Zombie Podcast Review – 5/5 head shots

“It’s a very cerebral zombie movie and done so well… 5 headshots out of 5, you guys have really got to see this movie. It’s one of the more important zombie movies to come out in recent years.”

Mail Order Zombie - Episode 179Our first podcast review is in from Mail Order Zombie!  Our review starts at 1:09:53 in the podcast.  If you’re really excited to find out more about the movie, this is a great chance to hear some of the amazing score that was provided by Chanda Y. Dancy and some clips from our wonderful cast.  It’s a bit spoiler heavy, but there is one spoiler you may already be aware of:

“There are a lot of ‘Oh Wow!’ moments and they really involve the two lead characters… they’re freaking adorable!…  Carly Oates is top-notch in this movie, easily one of my favorite actresses in recent zombie films.”

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