Note from the Producer


As with most human beings, I have had  many periods of deep introspection wherein the call was heard to do something truly meaningful.  In the case of 2010 it was to start on the journey that would eventually become Pretty Dead.  This film started out as a meditation on what had yet to be seen in a zombie movie and ended up a wonderfully tragic tale of young love and mutated fungi.  It was not always easy, but the people involved in getting this story told have made it worth every lost hour of sleep.  For those of you that have seen the film, I’m sure you felt the love put into every grueling day of the journey and for that I am incredibly proud.

For those that have yet to see this film, I can state that this is the most scientifically accurate depiction of the most horrible aspects of the physical, social and emotional deterioration in the zombification process so far put to film.  For every moment of vomit erupting like a putrid volcano of filth, there are equally powerful moments of true and loving tenderness.  Equally so, for every character sharing an affectionate embrace, another will slurp down a smoothie of human fat.  As much as this is a story about relationships, we have made every effort to give fans of the genre some healthy morsels to chew on as well.

Additionally, those of you with loved ones or are yourselves suffering from mental illness, I would like you to know that we have taken great care to consult with a number of individuals that have shared your experiences and have made every attempt to be fair and accurate.  As someone that was raised with loved ones in varying states of mental health, I hope you find this film as a touching testament to their struggle.

Thanks again to everyone that has been part of this experience,

Joe Cook

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