Start looking for us on Hulu and Hulu Plus December-ish…

It’s probably going to get delayed a little bit due to the holidays, but we got accepted to Hulu and Hulu Plus! You’ll be able to watch us for FREE (with some advertising) if you’re in the US or Canada. If you’re outside of these territories you can click on the link for the DVD and let Osiris know you need it in your country.

In the meantime and the spirit of giving and family, I’d like to share with you something you can watch right now on Hulu that I used to watch with my brother and grandfather: Elvira’s Movie Macabre presentation of Night of the Living Dead.

The 1968 Romero classic zombie flick with the 1980’s hosting classic vamp chick! Check back with the site and use the two free weeks of Hulu Plus they give away when Pretty Dead goes live to watch it without ads.

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