Char Hardin: “9/10 – Horror Zombie Fans will eat PRETTY DEAD up! Carly Oates is PHENOMENAL!”

Big thank you to Char Hardin for her kind words: “The movie is well made, the story is substantial and carries from beginning to middle to end and Carly Oats who portrays Regina gives a solid performance… and makes you see and feel what she has endured throughout the story… My PRETTY DEAD prediction is… Continue reading

Arrow in the Head Review: 8/10 – “an emotional and powerful ride that comes off in a far more three dimensional way than you might expect.”

“…not to overstate it, but I really enjoyed this flick. It took me by surprise, and features great performance despite having a very low budget. Strangely enough, it even feels believable.” Our neighbors to the North have spoken – a big thank you to John Fallon and Andre Manseau at… Continue reading