Char Hardin: “9/10 – Horror Zombie Fans will eat PRETTY DEAD up! Carly Oates is PHENOMENAL!”

Big thank you to Char Hardin for her kind words:

“The movie is well made, the story is substantial and carries from beginning to middle to end and Carly Oats who portrays Regina gives a solid performance… and makes you see and feel what she has endured throughout the story… My PRETTY DEAD prediction is it will be on 2012 Favorite Film Lists with reviewers who see it first and Horror Fans will eat [it] up when it goes to DVD.”

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Arrow in the Head Review: 8/10 – “an emotional and powerful ride that comes off in a far more three dimensional way than you might expect.”

“…not to overstate it, but I really enjoyed this flick. It took me by surprise, and features great performance despite having a very low budget. Strangely enough, it even feels believable.”

Our neighbors to the North have spoken – a big thank you to John Fallon and Andre Manseau at‘s “Arrow in the Head” for our first Canadian review.

Watch out folks the infection is spreading…

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Found Footage movies Possessing the Box Office

I am happy to see the success of THE DEVIL INSIDE, which – even with some of the worst reviews I’ve ever seen, still managed to DESTROY the box office last weekend with almost double what SAW took in opening weekend when that franchise started. Go Paramount Pictures, Go! Perhaps Pretty Dead will find it’s home with you later this year, since you guys seem to know what you’re doing when it comes low-budget found footage flicks…

Director’s thoughts – Romero as an Executive Producer?

How cool would this be… “George A. Romero presents PRETTY DEAD”. Unfortunately Joe and I chickened out in our attempt to cold call his agent this afternoon to see if he might be interested in coming on board… which is probably a good thing. That’s a conversation that needs some prep work. Any friends of Romero out there can feel free to introduce us. – Ben