“Zombie Apocalypse: After Gory Incidents, Zombie Talk Grows”

TAMPA, Fla. — First came Miami: the case of a naked man eating most of another man’s face. Then Texas: a mother accused of killing her newborn, eating part of his brain and biting off three of his toes. Then Maryland, a college student telling police he killed a man, then ate his heart and part of his brain.

It was different in New Jersey, where a man stabbed himself 50 times and threw bits of his own intestines at police. They pepper-sprayed him, but he was not easily subdued.

He was, people started saying, acting like a zombie. And the whole discussion just kept growing, becoming a topic that the Internet couldn’t seem to stop talking about.”

With all of the shocking news of cannibalism and zombie hysteria over the last few weeks, the CDC has seen fit to take an official stance on the issue of whether or not this is a full-blown zombie outbreak.

Check out the Huffington Post Coverage here and here.

CES invaded by zombies?

Hey everyone, it’s January and that means it’s time to check out all the cool new gadgets that are coming out for the year.  Apps, doo-dads, televisions and other tech are all on display in Las Vegas with flashing lights, booth babes, and protesting zombies?  That’s right – protesting zombies.  This article from 2009 shows how some protesting TV zombies were escorted out of CES for protesting the way televisions and other electronic waste is disposed of.  Check out their cause at Reuters.

The bird behavior that inspired Hitchcock’s “The Birds” explained with algae.

So while not specifically zombie related, this is definitely an interesting article about the events on August 18, 1961 in Monterey, California that inspired Alfred Hitchcock to create the movie, The Birds. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about birds that went crazy and started attacking people one day.

While the movie is a classic, the events that inspired it have been a mystery until now.  According to the journal Live Science, the odd behavior came as a result of seabirds ingesting toxic algae in the fish they had eaten.


Stomach microbes linked to anxiety and behavior disorders.

Science Daily has a piece up about research from McMaster University regarding how microbes in your gut influence your behavior.  Important to fans of our film, this means that there could be evidence supporting bacterial causes of disorders such as depression, anxiety, and late onset autism.  Nothing so far to indicate this may lead to cannibalism, but if there is proof, remember, we brought it to you first!

Zombie worm discovered in Mediterranean whale bone

So the Osedax worms that were discovered alive in Monterrey Bay, California in 2002 have finally been proven in the fossil record to have existed up to 3 million years ago in Italy.  You can read up more about them here at Dailytech.  And speaking of zombie news, day 1 of shooting Pretty Dead was one year ago today!  Dumpsters and newscasts and bananas oh my!

People love zombies, Walking Dead premiere breaks records

As if you needed more proof about how much people love zombies, AMC’s premiere of the second season of Walking Dead became the highest rated basic cable drama premiere with audiences 18-54.  Here’s to all 7.3 million of you fans of zombie action and dramatic intrigue, come out to see Pretty Dead while we’re on the festival circuit!  If you haven’t had a chance to watch the premiere, you can watch the full episode on the amctv.com website.