Did you know? We shot in 2 reportedly haunted locations

With Halloween coming up, we thought we’d share a little anecdote about our filming locations:  Pretty Dead was shot in not one, but two haunted locations.

The first is the Linda Vista Community Hospital in Boyle Heights.  The upper floors of which are now condemned, but people have said they still hear strange sounds and have felt unseen forces at play.  Check out the Travel Channel’s coverage of Ghost Adventures at Linda Vista.  The first time we did location scouting at Linda Vista we joked around a bit about the ghosts and a tire on Joe’s car exploded.  Ghostly intervention or poor maintenance?  We may never know…  Check out more excellent pictures here.

The second haunted location was at the Little Tokyo Shopping Center, to which we were told the bathrooms on the second floor were haunted.  I’m not sure how much evidence there really is to the claim made by the karaoke attendant, maybe it was just some really bad singing echoing through the night, but maybe it’s the ghosts and ghoulies.

Unlike our cast and crew, who did a great karaoke version of the Bloodhound Gang


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