Char Hardin: “9/10 – Horror Zombie Fans will eat PRETTY DEAD up! Carly Oates is PHENOMENAL!”

Big thank you to Char Hardin for her kind words: “The movie is well made, the story is substantial and carries from beginning to middle to end and Carly Oats who portrays Regina gives a solid performance… and makes you see and feel what she has endured throughout the story… My PRETTY DEAD prediction is… Continue reading

More coverage from Spain – Almas Oscuras

“Lo que está claro es que Pretty Dead goza de una excelente oportunidad para erigirse en una muestra original dentro del sobresaturado mercado de los muertes vivientes.” (translation via Google) “What is clear is that Pretty Dead boasts an excellent opportunity to establish itself as an original sample within the market oversaturated undead.” Another… Continue reading

Arrow in the Head Review: 8/10 – “an emotional and powerful ride that comes off in a far more three dimensional way than you might expect.”

“…not to overstate it, but I really enjoyed this flick. It took me by surprise, and features great performance despite having a very low budget. Strangely enough, it even feels believable.” Our neighbors to the North have spoken – a big thank you to John Fallon and Andre Manseau at… Continue reading review – 10/10 – “Pretty Dead is 2012′s must see film of the year.”

Thanks to the guys over at for giving us such a wonderful review.  Check it out on their website: “The future is tonight…Pretty Dead is 2012′s must see film of the year. Finally someone has listened to the horror fans, and created a film we wanted to see. Carly… Continue reading

Baffling Illness Strikes Africa, Turns Children Into Violent “Zombies”

DailyTech and CNN have articles up regarding a mysterious disease called “Nodding Sickness” has stricken children in Uganda.  There is currently no known cause for the disease and no cure or treatment.  They’re desperate for attention and any help people can give. Check out the Dailytech article here and the… Continue reading