“Zombie Apocalypse: After Gory Incidents, Zombie Talk Grows”

TAMPA, Fla. — First came Miami: the case of a naked man eating most of another man’s face. Then Texas: a mother accused of killing her newborn, eating part of his brain and biting off three of his toes. Then Maryland, a college student telling police he killed a man, then ate his heart and part of his brain.

It was different in New Jersey, where a man stabbed himself 50 times and threw bits of his own intestines at police. They pepper-sprayed him, but he was not easily subdued.

He was, people started saying, acting like a zombie. And the whole discussion just kept growing, becoming a topic that the Internet couldn’t seem to stop talking about.”

With all of the shocking news of cannibalism and zombie hysteria over the last few weeks, the CDC has seen fit to take an official stance on the issue of whether or not this is a full-blown zombie outbreak.

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New podcast review – alittledead.com

“The thing she admits to doing in the women’s bathroom is the grossest thing I can think of  in a film… Seriously gross in a great way! And that’s the thing that comes to mind, everything was done in the right way – from the realistic reasons for most of the found footage, to the source of Regina’s… condition, to the characters themselves.  They were done just right.”

We scored a “Buy it” on their “Buy/Borrow/Don’t Bother” review system over at A Little Dead Podcast.

New Review from ZombiesDontRun.net!

New review is up from Chuck Conry at ZombiesDontRun.net!

” I believe all in all, when you add all that’s good about the film together, you end up with a movie that may just be a year end Top 10 flick…  It’s probably more creative than 95% of everything else you see out there these days.”

They also have a section called “Cannibal Kitchen” that Regina could probably swap some recipes with.

Pre-review out of Sweden at FilmBizarro.com

A quick synopsis of the film before they do a full review over at FilmBizarro.com.

“‘Pretty Dead’ is a bleak horror-drama, and one of a few zombie films that decided to go a more realistic way focusing on a single person. A very effective approach and a solid independent effort overall where they make everything work to get you attached to the characters and believe the infection could be out there, somewhere.”