Website updates

The website is going to go through an overhaul to make it easier for you to find out where to get the movie and make it easier to view on tablets or phones.  If you notice it looking kind of funny while browsing, just know that the site is on its way to being even better.  I should be done in a couple days.

We are now available on Apple iTunes!

Hey everybody, if you like the movie and want to support us, please give a review on the iTunes store located here:  The more reviews we get the more the movie will be recommended to other people.  Thanks!

Update:  Response has been great so far, but we still need a few more before we can get recommended.  Thanks for the help!  Please tell your friends and share the link!

Our ad is up on the podcast!

We’ve got an ad running on’s podcast if you want to hear it.  It comes in about 25 minutes in.  I figured it would be a great fit with Andrew Mayne, Bryan Brushwood, and Justin Robert Green talking about scientific possibilities and weird discoveries.  I’ve found each podcast to be quite entertaining and suggest it if you’re looking for a bunch of writers and magicians talking about what could be.

Listen here:

New review from Dr. Steve Jones of the University of Northumbria!

“The found footage element lends credibility to the realistic, scientifically plausible zombie narrative. The latter is the film’s trump-card. Pretty Dead is an invigorating take on the zombie movie.”

Check out the review and take a look at some of the academic work he’s been up to on the psychology of zombies at his website:

Full site is here: